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As VertaCars Member, you are part of an exclusive community that is helping to reduce carbon emissions through use of electric vehicles. You can choose from a range of luxury sedans, mid-size and compact cars, and even minivans. Pay an affordable fixed monthly rate and then drive free for trips of up to 2 hours. We make it easy for you to book your car online or on your smartphone in just seconds. Skip the lines, paperwork and hassle of ordinary car rentals and ownership while gaining access to special Member benefits including priority booking and offers from our partners.

We have a limited number of vehicles available, so reservations for a free 2-hour drive go to the first Members to sign up. Members also benefit from booking priority over non-Members. Don’t delay, join the VertaCars waitlist and reserve your car today!

How does your chauffeur service work?

For times when you need someone to do the driving for you, VertaCars offers a private chauffeur service. Let one of our experienced and professional chauffeurs take you where you want to go in style and comfort. Simply place your chauffeur request when you book online with our eRide reservation system. VertaCars Members receive preferred rates for chaffeurs. Our chauffeur service is perfect for business travellers and special occasions such as weddings and graduations.


  • Luxury: Tesla Model S, Fisker Karma, Mercedes B Class
  • Mid-Size: Chrysler 200 C EV
  • Minivan: Chrysler Town & Country EV
  • Compact: Nissan LEAF, Ford Focus, Chevrolet Volt

Why would I want to drive an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles are the future of driving; and the future is now. Besides the environmental benefits they provide, electric vehicles offer excellent performance and styling and rank among the best and most praised cars in the world. But don’t just take our word for it: the Tesla Model S was crowned Motor Trend’s coveted Car of the Year for 2013 and the Fisker Karma was honoured as 2011 Luxury Car of the Year by BBC’s Top Gear.

How far can I go in an electric vehicle?

As with conventional gas-powered autombiles, the range of an electric vehicle depends on how and where it is driven, as well as on the specifications of the particular vehicle. For example, Fisker Automotive states the driving range of the Karma is up to 80 km on battery-only and up to 483 km in total, whereas Tesla Motors reports the Model S equipped with an 85 kWh battery has a driving range of 301 miles (481 km).

Where can I charge my electric vehicle if I need to?

For short-range trips of limited duration, it should not be necessary to recharge your electric vehicle. However, if the need arises, you can recharge at any of our partners’ conveniently-located charging stations. You can locate the nearest station using our mobile app. VertaCars charging stations are open to everyone, but Members benefit from preferred charging rates.

Do I have to pay extra to charge my electric vehicle?

There is a fee for using VertaCars charging stations, but Members benefit from preferred charging rates.


How do I reserve a car?

Our goal is streamline the vehicle reservation process for our Members. To book a car, simply log in to your eRide account on a computer or using our mobile app (compatible with both Apple and Android devices), choose your car and date, and click reserve. Just seconds from start to finish. It’s that simple.

We have a limited number of vehicles available, so reservations for a free 2-hour drive go to the first Members to sign up. Members also benefit from booking priority over non-Members. Don’t delay, join the VertaCars waitlist and reserve your car today!


What range of advertising opportunities does VertaCars offer?

We offer discrete signage and full-body wraps on the exterior of automobiles, an array of static and dynamic ad space in the interior of our vehicles, as well as GPS location-targeting for ads and access to ad space on the websites of Vertmain Inc., an innovative online advertising company. Advertising with VertaCars will enable your business to synergize with Vertamin’s extended range of advertising media and to benefit from our expertise and reach a broad market by offering special discounts and promotions to VertaCars Members through our extensive network of websites.

What are the benefits of on-car ads?

On-car ads offer an additional advertising medium for businesses with the ability to reach a broad cross-section of potential customers. However, in today’s saturated marketing environment, the effectiveness of automobile-based ads has diminished as consumers have grown accustomed to them. VertaCars restores the power of exterior automobile ads by offering ad space on our fleet of electric vehicles. These exotic vehicles ignite consumers’ imaginations and draw their attention to your ads placed on the vehicles’ exteriors.

We have a limited number of vehicles available to wrap, so the first advertisers to join our wait list and tender competitive bids will receive priority. Don’t delay, join the VertaCars waitlist and reserve your car today!

What are the benefits of in-car ads?

In-car ads are a potent means of establishing sustained contact with drivers and passengers. VertaCars offers an array of static and dynamic ad space in the interior of our vehicles that allow your message to reach an essentially captive audience for an extended period of time. The high demand for our electric vehicles means that your ad will be seen by a large and growing audience of consumers.

How does ad targeting with GPS work?

Automobiles are an inherently mobile advertising platform. As with other mobile devices, effective marketing increasingly requires location-based targeting of consumers. VertaCars fleet of electric vehicles is equipped with sophisticated GPS coupled to in-car audiovisual displays that provide an unprecedented way for advertisers to target consumers based on location. Now you can achieve visibility at exactly the right moment by triggering ads and offering special discounts and promotions based on our vehicles’ proximity to the location of your business. By leveraging the power of real-time location data, VertaCars enables you to reach potential customers with exceptional timing and relevance.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my ads with VertaCars?

Advertising with VertaCars grants you exclusive access to detailed proprietary information about our Members’ travels, preferences and demographic data, as well as our suite of cutting-edge analysis tools. Now you can precisely measure critical parameters of your audience, including: the exact number of occupants per car, per trip; the length, route and time of day of each trip; and estimated pedestrian flow along the route travelled. This rich source of market intelligence, which is not available anywhere else, offers powerful insight into your target market’s behaviour and allows you to refine and perfect your marketing campaign.

Why does VertaCars offer only electric vehicles to its Members?

VertaCars is committed to fostering environmentally sustainable business practices. That’s a prime motive in our decision to use a zero-emission fleet of electric vehicles. Advertising with VertaCars will lower the carbon footprint of your business and show your customers that you are dedicated to protecting the environment.