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Advertisers benefits




On-Car Ads: Turn Heads. Turn A Profit.

Discrete signage and full-body wraps on the exterior of automobiles offer an additional advertising medium for businesses and ad agencies with the ability to reach a broad cross-section of potential customers.

Capture Your Audience With In-Car Ads

In-car ads are a potent means of establishing sustained contact with drivers and passengers. VertaCars offers an array of static and dynamic ad space in the interior of our vehicles that allow your message to reach an essentially captive audience for an extended period of time. The high demand for our electric vehicles means that your ad will be seen by a large and growing audience of consumers.

Get Closer to Customers Through GPS Targeting

VertaCars fleet of electric vehicles is equipped with sophisticated GPS coupled to in-car audiovisual displays that provide an unprecedented way for advertisers to target consumers based on location.

Advertise Smarter Using VertaCars Data Metrics

Precisely measure critical parameters of your audience, including: the exact number of occupants per car, per trip; the length, route and time of day of each trip; and estimated pedestrian flow along the route traveled.

Synergize With Our Extended Range of Advertising Media

Benefit from our partners’ vertical networks comprising an array of websites that target a diverse consumer demographic, with a focus on food, travel, fashion/apparel, automotive, financial services, commuications, consumer electronics, health/pharma and general retail. Partnering with VertaCars will enable your business to benefit from our expertise and reach a broad market by offering special discounts and promotions to VertaCars Members through our extensive network of websites.

Give Your Green Credentials A Boost

Advertising with VertaCars will lower the carbon footprint of your business and show your customers that you are dedicated to protecting the environment.