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Join our select Membership wait list to receive updates about our launch plans and to gain automatic access to a wide range of exclusive offers and discounts from our partners.

You will be contacted by your Personal Account Executive shortly after registering to discuss your preferences and to get you behind the wheel as fast as possible.

We have a limited number of vehicles available, so reservations for a free 2-hour drive go to the first Members to sign up. Members also benefit from booking priority over non-Members. Don’t delay, join the VertaCars waitlist and reserve your car today!



Reduce environmental impact by renting electric vehicles. Choose from a range of luxury sedans, mid-size and compact cars, and even minivans.


For a fixed monthly rate, Members drive free for trips of up to 2 hours.


Book your car online or on your Smartphone in just seconds. Skip the lines, paperwork and hassle of ordinary car rentals and ownership.


Access special Member benefits including priority booking and offers from our partners.

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