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Car Reservation

Members benefits


VertaCars Membership lets you save money, time and helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s how.

We have a limited number of vehicles available, so reservations for a free 2-hour drive go to the first Members to sign up. Members also benefit from booking priority over non-Members. Don’t delay, join the VertaCars waitlist and reserve your car today!


All-Electric Vehicles
Canada’s only fleet of exclusively zero-emission electric vehicles.

VertaCars is committed to environmental sustainability. That’s why we chose to offer our Members a fleet of zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs).

EVs reduce overall production of carbon dioxide and other pollutants present in exhaust from conventional gasoline-powered vehicles.

By becoming a VertaCars Member, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint and showing that you care about the environment and your community.

Learn more about our selection of electric vehicles. Wide Selection
Choose from a range of luxury sedans, mid-size and compact cars, and even minivans.

VertaCars has the right electric vehicle (EV) to suit your needs and tastes. Members can choose from among the following EVs:

  • Luxury: Tesla Model S – Fisker Karma – Mercedes B Class
  • Mid-Size: Chrysler 200 C EV – Minivan – Chrysler Town & Country EV
  • Compact: Nissan LEAF – Ford Focus – Chevrolet Volt


Free Rides for Short Trips – Members drive free for trips of up to 2 hours.
For a fixed monthly rate, a VertaCars Membership lets you drive one of our electric vehicles on short trips of up to 2 hours for free.

That’s right. Free.
Need more time? Instantly extend your booking using our mobile app and keep driving at our preferred Members’ rate.
Save on Transportation – Spend much less compared to vehicle ownership.
If you only need to drive occasionally, a VertaCars Membership can save you thousands of dollars a year compared to owning a vehicle.

Members pay a fixed monthly rate but avoid the much higher costs of vehicle purchase price and financing, gas, registration, maintenance, repairs and insurance. You also benefit from preferred Members’ rates at our network of charging stations.

A VertaCars Membership is like owning a fleet of different vehicles at a tiny fraction of the cost.


No Waiting
Book your car online or on your smartphone in just seconds with our eRide reservation system. Our goal is streamline the vehicle reservation process for our Members. To book a car, simply log in to your eRide account on a computer or using our mobile app, choose your car and date, and click reserve. Just seconds from start to finish. Once your vehicle is booked you can pick it up at our convenient location without waiting in line or filling out paperwork. Just get in. Then drive.

A VertaCars Membership lets you hit the road faster. No Hassles. Enjoy greater flexibility with none of the headaches of other modes of transport. A VertaCars Membership offers the ultimate in convenience.

* Free yourself from the burdens of car ownership.
* Avoid the scheduling restrictions of public transit and carpooling.
* Access vehicles faster and more easily than with ordinary car rental.
* With VertaCars, you lose the hassles and gain the benefits.


Special Member Benefits
Members receive priority booking and access to special offers and promotions from our partners.VertaCars Members benefit from priority booking for all of our vehicles. You go straight to the front of the line compared to non-Members, even those with pre-existing reservations. As a VertaCars Member, you also save money with our preferred Members’ rates and by receiving special offers and promotions from our network of partners. Private Chauffeur Service for times when you need someone to do the driving for you.

Let one of our experienced and professional chauffeurs take you where you want to go in style and comfort. Perfect for business travelers and special occasions such as weddings and graduations. Simply place your chauffeur request when you book online with our eRide reservation system. VertaCars Members receive preferred rates for chauffeurs.